Upcoming Events


September 21-25 Mise En Place Residency

Shizuka will be meeting intensely in Brooklyn's Bushwick neighborhood haven for artists to rehearse and finish planning the 2018/19 season. Collaborations will include working with NYC based composer Rosalie Burrell, and NYC native Steven Long.  The residency will conclude with a performance on the evening of the 25th featuring works by Burrell, Long, Bartok, Knox, Swidler, and Meyer. 

September 27th Spectrum NYC with Steven Long Ensemble 7:00PM

Shizuka will be splitting the bill with composer and improviser, Steven Long. Come see a repeat of our program from Mise En Place, and support our friends in the Steven Long Ensemble. 70 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY. 

October 1 8:00PM Berklee College Faculty Composition Recital

Shizuka will be performing 8 Musical Portraits for Two Violas by Berklee faculty Andrew List.

October 2 Boston University Composer Colloquium

Shizuka guest lectures to the student composers at Boston University on extended string techniques, commissioning and collaborative processes, and the performer-composer relationship.

March 25 Tufts University Composer Colloquium

Shizuka presents works by Andrew List and John McDonald.

March 28 8:00PM Shizuka does Berklee and Boston Conservatory

Teaming up with composition faculty members at two of the music powerhouses in Boston, Shizuka will present a program of premiers by Yoon-Ji Lee, Marti Epstein, Eun Young Lee, Mischa Salkind-Pearl; and existing works for two violas by Richard Carrick Andrew List.