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As passionate promoters of contemporary concert music, Shizuka is deeply committed to advancing the emerging compositional voices of the 21st century through the unique medium of viola duo. Sam and Hannah were brought together in 2017 at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, in a fellowship led by the JACK Quartet. They quickly realized their shared goals of exploring the wide ranging sound-world possibilities of the alto pairing, and of collaborating with living composers on new works.

Representing the viola’s voice in both Boston and Philadelphia, Shizuka combines two sought-after and multifaceted players. Beyond their frequent orchestral, chamber, and solo performances, Sam and Hannah dedicate their time to the study of improvisation, composition, body-mind awareness, and teaching in one-on-one and workshop settings.


Upcoming events include a week-long residency at MISE-EN Place in Brooklyn, performances at Berklee College of Music and Boston University, Composer Colloquium at Boston University, and a collaborative commissioning project between Berklee and Boston Conservatory composition faculty members. Shizuka’s repertoire ranges from Renaissance transcriptions to established repertoire of 20th century, as well as new commissions by Marti Epstein, Bahar Royai, Steven Long, Yoon-Ji Lee, Rosalie Burrell, Mischa Salkind-Pearl, and Eun Young Lee.








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